About Eyercize

Eyercize is dedicated to all those people that want to read faster but they either don't know how to get better at it or don't have the drive or time to be constantly exercising their skill.


To make things easier for you, we created a bookmarklet for you. Just drag this link speed read it and drop it onto your browser's bookmark toolbar.

After done so, whenever you see some article on the internet that you would like to read fast, just highlight the text that you want to read and click on our bookmark. A new page will open with our reading pacer and the text that you selected already pre-filled.

Free Features

Currently the only feature that we have is the Reading pacer. The Reading pacer is a very flexible pacer that can be used as a tachistoscope. In the future Eyercize will offer a tachistoscope dedicated page.

The website will have of a series of FREE features as well paid ones. Feel free to give feedback by sending email to feedback@eyercize.com or by submitting your feedback


If you want to see more FREE featured being developed, please click on the donate button and make your contribution. We have plenty of ideas and a great deal of knowledge in this matter that we would to share but we also have to feed our family :).

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