Why when I select 3 words per fixation sometimes I see more, sometimes less?

Our algorithm is based on the average length of a word in the English language (5.1 characters). So when you pick 3 words per fixation you might get 4-5 words that are 15 characters long in total and sometimes 2. This is done to maximizing homogeneity in the word chunking.

Why some of the lines were uneven with 3 or 4 words on them rather than 20?

When you submit your text, we try to keep the paragraphs intact for concept separation and to better material comprehension. We believe that the original text was divided in paragraphs by the author for a reason and we try to respect that. So when you see some lines that are unusually short it's because they represent the end of the paragraph and the new line will start a new paragraph and a new concept.

How can I save my settings (wpm, lines showing, etc)?

We're currently storing those settings in a browser cookie. So for as long as you have cookies enabled in your browser, the last setting used will be automatically applied to your current reading session.

How can I push my reading speed further?

A very easy technique is to set the pace to a faster reading pace that you can actually read and then slowing it down halfway. Let's say you hit a plateau at 400 wpm, you would speed it up to 500 wpm. Read at that speed for a minute or 2, then bring it down to 425-450 wpm. It will actually feel pretty slow.

Are there any plans for desktop applications?

Yes, we have plans to release both desktop and mobile application to aid speed readers. At the current moment we are still in the phase of requirements gathering.

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